Essential Tips for Boat Rental Success


Arrive early

The time you should be at the meeting point (Vlichada’s Marina) is 30 min before the renting time starts, please arrive on time so we can have plenty of time for the safety briefing.

Bring everything you need to check in

In line with this, if you want to have a smooth check-in process, make sure you bring everything you need to check-in. That could mean your ID, car driver’s license(optional), and records of your reservation

Make sure your phone is charged

It’s necessary to have your phone charged for any emergency that may happen, so you can call us immediately. Bring also your charger with you, so you can charge your phone on board if needed.


The boat is delivered to you with a full tank of gas, and you pay for the fuel spent at the end of your cruise.

Transfer from your hotel

We can arrange a transfer service for an extra charge depended on the transfer company

Vegan and Vegetarians

Meltemi Blue Boat Rental offers you the chance to choose your snack if you are vegan or vegetarian. But it’s necessary to fill it out on your reservation so we can prepare it for you.

Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen can help you stay comfortable, and prevent burns caused by the sun, so keep your sunscreen with you and renew it every 1 hour

Pack safety equipment and supplies

Although safety equipment and a first aid kit will be available for you on board, you’re responsible for your own medicine (if you’re taking any) or other equipment that’s necessary for your health.

Understand your legal responsibilities

Make sure you understand all your legal responsibilities, both related to the rental facility and related to your operation of the vessel. Depending on the paperwork you signed, Some of the main responsibilities you have is keeping this boat in good condition and returning it by the time you have made the arrangement.

Prioritise safety

Make sure safety is your highest priority, especially if you’re inexperienced. Emergencies on the water can strike at any time, so it pays to avoid or mitigate them however you can – and it’s even more important to know how to respond to an emergency in progress.

Boat clothing!

Boating is naturally a time to relax, so fancy clothing is not suitable. Pack an extra set of dry clothes, a hat, a warm jacket, so that you can be prepared for all weather changes!

No shoes, please!

Your shoe soles can harm the boat you have rented. So make sure you take them off while on board. This also adds to the carefree experience of the boating trip!

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