Our company is specialized in the rental of leisure boats. Our primary concern is to provide high quality services which fully meet the expectations of our customers. To this end, we provide our customers with leisure boats which are adapted in such a way as to satisfy their need for pleasure and relaxation in the blue waters of Santorini by enjoying a comfortable journey. Each leisure boat can carry up to five (5) passengers.

For the most efficient provision of our services, we kindly request our customers to pay attention to the following terms prior renting a boat:


Please fill in the form giving full details, exact dates, board choice, number of people, and any claim likely to have.


2.1 No legal license or speedboat captain diploma is required for piloting a boat up to 30hp.

2.2 You must be at least 21 years old to make a booking.

2.3 You must be physically and legally qualified to pilot the boat, especially not suffering from a physical or mental illness, which may deprive your ability to pilot the boat or endanger yourself or others. We reserve the right to refuse to rent to anyone when our staff feels that you are not capable of safely piloting our boats or of understanding the terms of the rental agreement.

2.4 A valid driving license for a car or motorbike is required.

2.5 Upon completion of the booking process, you must provide us with your contact details. These details shall include your mobile number and your email address, so that we can contact you at any time (if needed). If you fail to meet the aforementioned obligation and we cannot reach you, we will not bear any responsibility for not informing you in time regarding any change, amendment, delay or cancellation of your booking.

2.6 In order to complete your booking, a security deposit of five hundred (500,00) euros shall be charged on the pick-up day (paid in cash or by a valid credit card), which is returned upon termination of the rental and the final inspection upon return of the boat, according to term 8 hereto.

2.7 Upon completion of the booking process, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. Please check this confirmation e-mail very carefully. If you notice any discrepancies or deviation to what you think you have booked, please contact us immediately for further clarifications no later than 24 hours from your booking time.


Upon visiting our pick-up base point in «Vlychada Marina» you should:

  1. sign a boat rental agreement including the relevant terms and conditions.
  2. receive from us:
  • the rental certificate
  • the boat license
  • a copy of a valid insurance contract
  • a copy of certificate of assistance
  • copies of General Ports Regulations (G.K.L.) No. 20, 23 regulating the motion and movement of boats and speed boats and the G.K.L. No. 38.
  • carry with you all relevant documents as below: valid passport or ID and a valid credit card (we accept only VISA and MASTERCARD) in order to pay security deposit, which in any case shall be paid in cash as well.
  1. carry onboard a mobile phone which should be fully charged. Your phone must always be switched on so that our staff can contact you for emergencies or to report weather information.



4.1 You have to arrive at our pick-up base point in «Vlychada Marina» at least 30 min earlier from the agreed time for your rental.

4.2 No show at our pick-up base point by the agreed time of rental for more than 15 minutes without any prior notification (phone or text message that you are going to be late) shall entitle our company to treat your booking as canceled due to solely your own fault according to term 13.2 hereto.

4.3 Every boat is checked before the commencement of each rental.  Prior to renting, inspection of the boat’s condition is made by you and is delivered only if the boat condition is satisfactory for you. Our staff will demonstrate and explain to you the function of the boat and its equipment.

4.4 The boat check shall be done at your presence and an inventory shall be signed by you after the check and prior to your departure.  We will also provide you with detailed information on safety procedures and information about the use of the boat and documents / authorizations given. The boat shall be delivered by us with full tanks of fuel and water, to further facilitate the process.

4.5 A rental boat agreement shall be signed, in which you have to state the “captain” of the boat.


5.1 All payments for the rental fee shall be made in cash or by credit or debit cards. Personal checks are not accepted.

5.2 The rental fee includes: Security, GPS – sounder, water tank with shower, electric anchor winch, ice refrigerator, bathing ladder, all survival – fire – supplies according to the applicable national legislation.


6.1 Fuel is not included in the price of the boat rental.

6.2 The boat is provided with a full main and secondary tank. Fuel consumption is charged extra and is paid by the client upon return at the meeting point based on the local prices for fuel.


7.1 All our boats are insured according to the relevant national legislation for their civil liability against third parties.

7.2 The insurance does not cover any damages and/or personal injury which may be caused to you or any of passengers on board for any reason whatsoever during the rental period.

7.3 Although boats are insured, you are primarily responsible for any damage or loss to the boat and its equipment.  You will be liable to compensate our Company for any loss or damage to the boat, outboard engines or its equipment caused by any action or negligence of you.

7.4 Any damage or loss caused by misuse or negligence shall be borne entirely by you. This amount will vary depending on the type of damage/loss.

7.5 You will be held solely responsible for the actions of the other passengers on board as well.

7.6 Our Company shall not be liable for any loss or theft or destruction of any property caused by you at any time during the rental period.


8.1 On boat pick-up day, you are obliged to pay by credit card or in cash a mandatory security deposit of five hundred (500,00) euros that will be held by our Company for the entire duration of your rental period.

8.2 If the boat is returned on time, in the same condition as given and without any damage, loss of equipment or any third-party claim arisen against you, the aforementioned amount of the deposit shall be returned to you.

8.3 In case of delay, loss or damage, the whole or part of your security deposit may be withheld by us to cover the cost of such delay, damage or loss, without any prejudice to any other rights and remedies that our Company may have.


9.1 You are responsible and you must take all reasonable care for the boat safe navigation and for any actions of each passenger on board. The boat may be piloted only by the person stated as “captain” at the time of the boat pick-up.

9.2 In case of any accident or damage to the boat, you must notify us immediately reporting full details and then wait for our instructions.

9.3 No action should be taken by your own initiative. We will take all the necessary steps to repair the boat as quickly as possible depending always on the given circumstances.

9.4 In case of any accident or damage to any other craft or waterway property, you must record the details (name, model and registration number) of any other boat involved as well as names, addresses of its owner and witnesses (where applicable) and immediately report the fact to our company in details.


10.1 Children are counted as adults on board.

10.2 The age of a child we allow to be carried on board must be at least 5 years old.

10.3 Children are requested to travel seated on the lap of an adult responsible for them.

10.4 At the moment of booking, kindly inform us in case that you will have children on board, in order to provide you with special junior lifejackets.

10.5 We recommend that children should wear lifejackets when the boat is moving.


11.1 Upon return, the boat will be inspected again and in case of damage or loss, a charge will be made. You will be liable for any damage caused to the boat by misuse or neglect. The return of the boat later than the estimated arrival time, without any notification or in a filthy condition, will result in an extra payment; except if such delay is caused by the failure of the engine or of our equipment.

11.2 Early return of the boat does not entitle you a refund claim.


12.1 The boat (and motor) shall not be used:

  1. for any other reason other than tourist sightseeing within the coastal area of Santorini and the maximum distance of boat from the coast should not exceed the 3 Nautical Miles. For your safety, you should also consult the area map, as well as the boat user instructions throughout the rental period and contact our representative for any problems or questions.
  2. to carry passengers, goods or materials in excess of the rated passenger capacity of the boat, namely 5p max.
  3. to push, propel or tow another boat, barge or any other action without the written permission of our Company.
  4. for any race or in any competition.
  5. for any illegal purpose according the Greek Law.
  6. in a negligent manner.

12.2 The boat (or motor) shall not be piloted by any other person other than the “captain” without our written permission.

12.3 You shall not remove the motor from the boat for any use whatsoever.

12.4 You and the passengers on board shall not make use of alcohol drinks or forbidden substances.

12.5 You shall not use on board any gas appliances, heaters of any type.

12.6 You shall deliver the boat at the base in the state that was received.

12.7 You have to navigate in accordance with current byelaws and observe the speed limits and safety distance limits, as explained.

12.8 We remind you that during the rental period you should carry on board the license executing voyages and operator capacity that will show off the port authorities if requested.

12.9 It is strictly forbidden to approach the buoys more than 100 meters, if there are not buoys then you have to keep a distance of 300 meters from the shore.

12.10 You should ensure that all the passengers on board comply with these terms as well.

12.11 In no event shall customer sublease the boat to another person or entity. Your rights under this rental agreement are non-transferable.

12.12 Our Company may, at its absolute discretion, refuse to hand over a boat or terminate the boat rental period where, in its opinion the “captain” is likely to cause damage, distress or fails to comply with company rules. In such event, our company will offer you one of our skippers to assist you for the rest of the journey with extra charge.


13.1 Cancellation is required at least seven (7) days prior to the day of departure in order to avoid being charged rental fee in full.

13.2 In case of cancellation made within 6-4 days prior to the agreed date of departure, you will be charged 50% of the rental fee.

13.3 In case of cancellation made within 3-0 days prior to the agreed date of departure or no-show on the date and agreed time of departure, you will be charged in full the rental fee.

13.4 The rental and the sailing of the boat shall take place normally, when at the pick-up point the wind intensity does not exceed the permitted limits and, the port authorities allow it. In case of bad weather or wind, planned hires may be delayed or cancelled; in this case they will be postponed to the first available date, if there is not available date the booking will be canceled without any cancellation fee.


Our Company’s systems are designed in accordance with the applicable European and National legislation on the protection of your personal data, the General Regulation (EU) 679 / 2016 and the relevant national Greek Law 4624/2019.


Neither party shall be responsible for default or no-performance of the rental agreement to the extent that is caused by any event beyond reasonable control of the parties including, but no limited to, acts of God, strikes, pandemic, lockouts, or other labor difficulties (provided they are not as a result of the personnel of the party seeking to rely on that particular event), criminal acts, fire, or flood. The affected party shall make reasonable efforts to avoid, minimize or prevent the effect of such force majeure event.


Our Company may use photos or videos taken during the use of the boat for promotional purposes on social media, always with the express consent of the person featured in them. In the event that an individual does not wish to use the aforementioned material, it will be fully respected.

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